About Total BI

Being a businessman, a controller, loving numbers and data, I have come across Microsoft’s Power BI working out a process for visualization facts, data and processes for one of my customers. Comparing with other BI tools, I quickly recognized the potential of Power BI:

* Interface diversity: Power Bi can be fed from almost any data source

* Simplicity: Handling of Power Bsimple and intuitive in use

* Office: Power Bi is perfectly integrated in the Office365 family

* Future: Microsoft’s DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) is the ultimate data programming language in the “MS Office” environment of the future. Next generations of employees will master DAX just like they ‘VLOOKUP’ in Excel today

* Inexpensive entry: An entry and trial into the world of BI tools comes very inexpensive using Microsofts Power BI

With this experience I created a complete BI world for one of my customer. The fully automated processes create operational and strategic controlling. The integration of the accounting data supports the planning and forecasting processes. Added tools accompany the operative controlling from preliminary to concurrent to the postcalculations: What are the products and customers you earn money with?

Equipped with this expertise for data and controlling processes in human resources management and industry, Total BI also offers your company the setting up of a BI tool starting from data collection and data preparation to report generation and the establishment of fully automated update processes.